New WORX Axis Converts From Jig Saw Into Reciprocating Saw


WORX has combined two very useful workshop tools into one with the introduction of the new WORX Axis. Not only does the 20V tool function as a jig saw, but with a push of a button, converts into a hard working reciprocating saw.
WORX Axis is compact, lightweight, weighs only 4 lbs., and is highly maneuverable. Plus, this combination saw uses standard reciprocating saw blades and T-shank jig saw blades, which are widely available at hardware stores and home centers. With the right blade type, it cuts wood, PVC pipe, plastic, fiberglass, ceramic tile, aluminum, copper, and thin steel not to mention tree limbs and roots.
“Axis is the ideal do-it-yourselfer’s tool,” said Sharon Blackwell, WORX Product Manager. “You’re not lifting a heavy saw – the tool’s size and weight work to its advantage when cutting in confined areas.”
A closer look at Axis reveals that it is anything but conventional. What sets this 20V combination saw apart is its motor, which is located on the side and not the rear of the tool’s body, as is the case with most other power tools. The advantage of this design is that the motor and gearing rotate simultaneously, thus eliminating the possibility of slippage or misalignment in the tool’s drive train. Result: a smooth, constant transfer of power with 3000 no-load strokes-per-minute (spm).


Axis is great for making quick cuts both indoors and out, including rough-in work, molding and drywall cutouts, craft projects and stereo installation, as well as other automotive, marine, electrical, plumbing and HVAC applications. It also is an ideal pruning and root cutting tool for gardeners.
In jig saw mode, Axis’s articulating arm is fixed at 90 degrees. By pressing the tool’s red pivot release button, it easily converts into reciprocating saw. For safety reasons, it’s recommended that the battery pack be removed before making the conversion and before changing blades. It also features an integrated dust blower to keep sight lines clear while cutting.
As a jig saw, Axis has a 2-in. cutting capacity (5/32 for steel plate) and a 3/4-in. blade stroke. Jig saw blades 4-in. in length are recommended. In reciprocating saw mode, it has a 4 in. capacity for cutting wood, 5 in. for PVC pipe and 3 in. for steel pipe.
Changing blades is a snap with the tool-less blade changing system. Axis operates at a single speed with 3000 strokes-per-minute (spm). Located at the top of the saw is an orange-colored switch, which allows the user to choose reciprocating or orbital action. Orbital is for more aggressive cutting, while reciprocating is for more controlled cutting efficiency.
The combination saw features a comfortable soft grip handle and an easy-access on/off trigger with lock-off button to prevent accidental start-ups. Axis also includes an LED light to help illuminate the work area.
Accessories included with the tool are a 1.5 Ah MaxLithium battery, a 5-hour charger, one reciprocating saw blade (wood) and three jig saw blades (wood, metal and sheet metal blades). Axis is compatible with all WORX 20V MaxLithium batteries from the company’s 20V PowerShare program, which includes lawn and garden and DIY tools.
The WORX Axis (WX550L, $99.00) is available at, and online retailers including Home Depot and Amazon.
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