New WORX 17-inch, 40-volt, Max Lithium-ion Lawnmower Is Lightweight, Compact, Top-performer

WORX 40V 17in. Mower
WORX 40V 17in. Mower

The new WORX® 40V Max, 17 in. lawnmower adds another top performer to the brand’s cordless mower line that’s lightweight, maneuverable, time and labor saving, user and eco-friendly, low maintenance and a highly efficient mulcher/ bagger. The compact push mower is powered by two, removable, 40V, 2.0 Ah, lithium-ion batteries and cuts up to 5,500 sq. ft. per charge, which is approximately the size of two regulation tennis courts.

Development of this newest WORX cordless mower parallels increasing consumer demand for more convenient and environmentally friendly lawn care solutions, as well as significant advances in battery technology over the past 15 years. It parlays the proven track record of its popular predecessor, the WORX 14 in., 24V mower, with a wider deck for fast cutting and higher voltage for added cutting power (torque).

The sophisticated, cordless mower has plenty of power to keep a small to medium-sized yard perfectly manicured. It features Intellicut™, the exclusive WORX torque-on-demand system that maintains constant cutting efficiency by electronically monitoring the need for torque. Sensors adjust to higher torque for thicker grass and reduce torque automatically when it’s no longer needed to handle everyday mowing conditions.

The WORX 40V mower weighs only 38.5 lbs., which is less than half the weight of a comparable gas mower. When the batteries are removed and handle collapsed, it easily can be stored in a garage corner or tucked under a workshop table.
It also is a breeze to lift into a pickup truck bed to mow lawns at outlying locations.

Wind-tunnel design of the 2-in-1 mower’s sturdy, 17-in. deck assures even cuts and superior mulching or bagging results. The deck is equipped with 8.7-in.-high rear wheels that afford excellent mobility and maneuverability around trees, shrubs, flower beds and other obstacles.

Single-lever cutting height adjustments are provided in six positions ranging from 1½ to 3½ in. This enables homeowners to quickly select the proper mowing height for the type of grass, season and growing conditions. The correct mowing height helps create a lower maintenance, drought-tolerant lawn. It also discourages undesirable grasses and weeds from taking hold

Never again will the homeowner need to yank on a pull cord. Starting the WORX cordless mower is as simple as squeezing the bale and pressing the starter switch. It’s especially convenient because the starter switch is within easy reach of the user’s index finger without taking either hand off the handle.

Also, there’s no more dealing with the messes and rising cost of gas and oil, annual tune-ups or return trips to the service station. This adds up to zero maintenance other than periodically sharpening or replacing the mulching blade and caring for the removable batteries.

The new WORX 40V cordless model is friendly to both neighbors and the environment. It features 75 percent noise reduction when compared to most gas mowers. The clean machine also adds no emissions to the atmosphere, making it a significant green alternative to gas models.

The sleek, ergonomically styled mower features a foam-padded comfort handle with two adjustable positions. The handle’s height and slope are similar in contour to those on baby strollers at a comfortable walking height for comfort and control.

The 40V Max batteries are located in the mower’s housing and are removable for charging (2 hours) or storage. A push button power level indicator on the battery shows current charge level.

The 40V mower includes two, 40V Max 2.0 Ah batteries, a 2 hour charger, mulch insert plug and 1.4 bushel grass bag. The mower is covered by the WORX three-year warranty.

The WORX 40V Max 17 in. 2-in-1 Lawnmower (WG750, $249.99) is available at

See the WORX 40V Max 17 in. 2-in-1 Lawnmower in action at:

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