growing tomatoes

I always remember my mother and my grandparents having great success when growing tomatoes. We always had fresh and really delicious tomatoes to eat at the end of each summer and early fall. Many times, my mom would can them, though these were not something that I liked to eat. I love tomatoes, but I’ll pass on stewed tomatoes and dumplings. However, there are many who love dishes like these, and they love to grow the tomatoes on their own. This is something almost anyone can do.

Though most people love to start growing their tomatoes from starter plants, they can be started early inside the house. This is the hard way to do it though, and the starter plants you can buy are much easier to deal with. Either way, they should be a certain size before planted outside or they may not grow correctly. These are easy to transplant, but they should be given a lot of space. Each plant will spread as they grow and they need room to get the sunlight they need.

Though most like to have a large garden when growing tomatoes, it can be done in a window box for those who do not have a yard. This might mean only planting one or two plants, but they can still produce a good number of tomatoes for personal use. When growing tomatoes, they have to be watched very carefully. Then they reach a certain size they must be staked. This means a stake or a fence must be put near the plant to hold it up. It might very well grow up the fence. This keeps the tomatoes up out of the soil.

When growing tomatoes, a good fertilizer should be used to ensure the plants remain healthy and that the fruits grow as large as they can. Much like any other type of plant, they should be free from nearby growing weeds, and watered when necessary. Though some use to claim watering during the day would cause sun damage, this is not always true. If a person feels this might be a problem they can water the growing tomatoes after the sun goes down each night. Tomatoes do not have to be red before they are picked, but some prefer to let them ripen on the vine. They can be picked when they begin to turn yellow or orange and then brought in to ripen on the window sill. They taste better if they are not refrigerated.

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