Growing Cacti in an Indoor Garden

Growing Cacti in an Indoor Garden
Growing Cacti in an Indoor Garden

The homeowner who wants to start a home [eafl id=”8658″ name=”Grow your own Herb Gardening” text=”garden”] that is light on the maintenance needed may decide to buy cacti. This is a good plan because they need less water than
most plants and are quite hardy. Although there are still care instructions that need to be followed to increase the life and longevity of a cactus.

Cactus plants are used to the heat and being dry, for this reason putting them in a windowsill with full sunlight is optimal. Depending on the cactus and the amount of heat
it is getting you may not have to water it for weeks at a time (once a month is the recommended watering schedule). Cacti like coarse soil, it is recommended to use a soil
that is meant specifically for a cactus instead of a generic mix. When a fertilizer is needed you should also purchase a fertilizer that is just for cacti.

When watering a cactus, you want to be careful not to over water it. A good tip to  prevent this from happening is to place the cactus pot in a shallow dish full of water. The
plant will soak up all of the water it needs through the drainage hole in a period of 1-2 hours. Complete this task and donít worry about it again for another month unless the
plant is starting to get a shriveled look.

When handling your cactus, be careful they can hurt. If the pot is not large enough to  hold onto without your hands getting to close to the prickly part of the pant use a folded  newspaper and place it around the plant. This will protect both your hands and the plant when moving it. If you do get a piece of a cactus in your finger, remove gently with a pair of tweezers or a piece of strong tape.

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