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Hedge Trimmers Are Tools not Toys

If you are truly passionate about your lawn and garden then you have probably either seriously considered a hedge trimmer or are the proud owner of one. Hedge trimmers are great for trimming hedges as their name would imply, they operate by creating nice clean cuts that do not shred the plant your are trimming.

Black & Decker/Outdoor HT22 22in. Hedge Trimmer

from: Hardware World

That being said, hedge trimmers are not toys and can be quite dangerous. There are however several steps you can take, however, to make your use of this tool as safe as possible.

1) Make sure your hedge trimmer is lightweight enough for you to hold it for expended periods of time? Dropping is not a risk you want to take, nor is damaging your back. You want to be able to safely operate and support the hedge trimmer you choose. It will not be good for anyone if no one in your family can operate it.
2) Make sure your fingers, or anyone else that will be operating this piece of machinery, cannot fit between the cutting teeth and the guards.
3) Make sure that the blades are sharpened properly and well before each use. Sharper blades make cleaner cuts, which leaves a smaller opportunity for catches and tears and other things that can go wrong.
4) Read the manual for extra precautions you may need to take with your particular tool. This is self-explanatory and yet most people never bother reading the manual. This is an important step that could save someone’s life or in the very least, someone’s limb.
5) Wear adequate protection for your eyes and ears.
6) Never trim above your head. This is another tip that should never need to be explained and yet people are injured doing exactly this all the time. If you need to trim high, get a ladder and climb to the height you need to be in order to operate your machinery properly.

These steps are just a few safety tips for the proper and safe use of hedge trimmers. Reading the manual is always a good idea and will be an excellent source of information for further safety procedures you should keep in mind.

20 inch Pole Hedge Trimmer Reaches 12 feet

Pole Hedge Trimmer
Pole Hedge Trimmer

The new WORX® 20V, 20 in. Pole Hedge Trimmer reaches up to 12 ft. to groom tall or overgrown hedges, shrubs and bushes. It also features a 10-position, adjustable head that allows precise, level cutting in hard-to-reach areas, such as the top of high hedges, beneath bushes or between hedges and buildings.

Late winter through early spring is the best time to trim many popular hedges and shrubs. The WORX 20V, 20 in. Pole Hedge Trimmer is ideally suited to tackle this important annual yard chore, and more. Most deciduous, non-flowering hedges need maintenance trimming before new leaf buds appear. Spring-flowering hedges and shrubs usually are trimmed immediately after blooming has ended. Evergreens need cutting back for size and shape in spring, followed by light summer trimming to prevent overgrowth. Broken, overgrown or diseased branches also should be removed throughout summer.