Aloe Vera and other Beneficial Houseplants

aloe vera
aloe vera

Many families have grown up with an aloe vera plant in the kitchen. This succulent plant
is great for indoor gardening as it is hardy and easy to care for. Moreover, they are great
for skin care and minor cuts and burns that can happen in the kitchen while cooking. To
use as a first aid item, cut a portion of one of the leaves and squeeze the inner gel onto the
hurt area. With repeated use, the aloe vera will aid in healing and sooth the pain.

In addition to the aloe vera plant there are other helpful plants that are good to have
around the house. An herb garden is a convenient way to add flavor and natural
ingredients to many dishes. From fresh dill in a homemade tzatziki sauce to chives
mixed in with cream cheese for a delicious bagel.

Many herbs can be dried and used for loose leaf teas not only a relaxing beverage, some
herbs are known for their medicinal qualities too. Some herbs that can be used as tea
leaves or as part of a mixture are peppermint and ginger.

There are many edible plants that you can grow indoors to aid in digestion. They can be
broken of the plant as needed or some may need some preparation first.

* Anise is a popular and widely used for aiding in digestion and easing colic in
* Coriander in addition to helping with digestion it is also a tasty addition to salsa.
* Fennel oil is used to ease upset stomachs too. It is also used for increasing the
amount of breast milk produced in mothers.

This is just a brief look at some of the other uses for houseplants. It is recommended to
research your plants before ingesting any to ensure they are safe.

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