Gardeners are always looking for new plants to add to the scenery! No matter how many beds you have planted, there’s always room for one more. Maybe you’re tired of that bed of marigolds you plant next to the kitchen every year. The rose bushes in front of the porch are lovely, but you want to build on the look. Sooner or later, the garden appears to be full. That’s when you can use climbing vines to grow upwards, adding a lush, flourishing dimension to your garden. Here are some ideas on how to use climbing vines to add beauty, drama and functionality to your present garden plan.


The Great grape tree project

This is my next project at our Church and I expect it will be a multi-year project, this picture is not what is appears to be, this is a 75 foot fruit tree completely covered with a grape vine.

Research tells me it it is a Malbek Grape vine and talking to the other people around, I think it has been left untouched for years. This should teach us all what happens when you don’t prune vines. The main root is not under the tall tree but in the short tree to the side, the vines cover three trees at this point. The vine is smothering the trees and grapes up that high are only going to feed the birds. The current planned steps are;

A) Clear the underbrush

B) From a ladder cut off all the growth above head height to force the plant back to ground level

C) Train the growth onto a proper support away from the fruit trees

D) Expand by layering for new root stock

E ) Finish cutting away vines from the trees.


Grape tree
Grape tree