Fine Tune Your Vegetable Garden Plans With Handy Props

No matter what size of garden you are going to have, you have to put a little planning into what you are going to grow, and how to get the most out of the large or small plot you have to grow your favorite vegetables. Small or large, there are ways that you can maximize your space to make sure you get the most out of it while still making it easy to care for. Small gardens can yield more than you think if you think about some props that you can use to get more, and also to make your vegetable garden plans unique and fun too.

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First, the most important part of your vegetable garden plans is to decide what you want to grow in your garden. This would be what you and your family enjoy eating the most. This can also be determined by space, but unless you only have a very tiny space, you can usually find a way to include just about anything, even if it is a plant that spreads out a lot. You can find ways to make that spread go in most space saving directions. Make a list of your favorites and find out how much space each plant needs to thrive and grow properly.

Next, your vegetable garden plans will involve what you can do with the space that you have, and what plants can grow together more successfully. Normally, it may not matter if you have wide open spaces in which to plant your garden, but with limited space you won’t want potatoes that you have to hill next to something that may not be hardy enough to deal with roots being torn if that happens. A pumpkin plant can wander throughout the potatoes if you are careful, but a pea plant may not do as well so close to them.

Think about what plants spread out for a good reason and which could spread upwards instead. A pumpkin plant can not go up because the pumpkins are too heavy and would break off as they start to grow. However, a tomato plant should be going up instead of out because they can stay on the vine as they grow. Think of unique ways to go about vegetable garden plans with stakes, fence, and other things that you could use to urge your plants upwards rather than outwards if you are limited on space. Remember, cramming too much in a small place without any room to grow means everything will fail.

Lastly, think about some of the new ways out there that can help you with your vegetable garden plans. There are upside down tomato plants that can hang from planters anywhere  they do not have to take up space in your limited garden area. There are some other plants that can do the same. Herbs and other types of small plants can thrive in planters outside your window in the right light. You can also see if you have other items in your garage that will make interesting additions to your garden to help you save space and grow what you want.


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