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Stump Grinding: What’s the End Result?

StumpwoodchipsIf you’ve never used a stump grinder before, it can be hard to picture what the end result will be. You start with a stump, you end up with . . . what exactly? A crater? A pile of wood chips? You want to know before you invest in your own stump grinder and attack the pesky stumps on your property.

The end result is basically a pile of wood chips, with the stump itself shaved to ground level or below.

stumptaprootBelow ground, the stump dissipates into a complex root system, usually emanating from one large taproot. When you grind away the aboveground stump, the taproot remains, but will eventually rot away. So you may still see the top of the taproot, even when the stump itself is ground away to an inch or two below ground level. This is easily covered with soil or sod, rendering it invisible.

The wood chips left behind from grinding the aboveground portion of the stump away can be brushed away, or left to decompose on their own.

Stump grinding is the single easiest, fastest way to remove stumps on your property. No waiting around for chemicals to work their magic, no digging roots out by hand. And the end result is as if there had never been a tree there to begin with.




Use Your Stump Grinder as a Trencher!

STGStudioEvery now and again, not too often, you may find yourself in need of a nice trench. Maybe it’s to lay a wire, install an irrigation system, extend a downspout, or something out of the ordinary. For projects like this, there are several options. You could rent a trencher, haul it to your property, then haul it back to the store. You could dig it by hand, depending on your desired depth and length. You could use a trenching attachment for your skid steer, if you own one.

Or, if you happen to be the proud owner of a stump grinder, there are a lot of trenching projects that a stump grinder can handle. Namely, they are great for digging shallow trenches, perfect for laying wires or creating small drainage ditches.

STGteethA stump grinder works by eating away at stumps with a spinning steel disc fitted with cylindrical “teeth”. The teeth on the DR Stump Grinderare ideal for even tough projects because they are made from carbide, the same material used to drill into bedrock.

When applied directly to the ground, instead of to a stump, the stump grinder digs a perfectly even trench about two inches wide and several inches deep. And because of the strength of the grinder’s teeth, it won’t be easily worn down if it collides with a rock, root, or other obstacle.

For installing invisible pet fences or other projects that require a relatively shallow trench, using a stump grinder is a huge back- and time-saver!